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Harmony Wellness, Danvers, Ma
Hamony Wellness - provides yoga, reiki healing and personal training


Welcome to Harmony Wellness.

My name is Peg Harmony and I can help you achieve and sustain your personal long-term mind and body wellness goals!

Resilience and Confidence through individualized strength,  flexibility, and balance training 

Stress reduction through relaxation, breathing,

and Reiki touch therapy

Harmony Welless Danvers Massachusetts Welcome



My clients range from 18 year olds who want to stay fit, to seniors who want to stay active and confident - to everything in between. 

As a trainer, I work with each client to define goals and design a customized plan to achieve them. 

Most importantly, I strive to make it fun and interesting.  


Where do you want to go with your fitness or wellness level? 

What do you want to be able to achieve in three months or even ten or twenty years from now? 

Why not start today?

HarmonyWellness Yoga and Reiki
HarmonyWellnessHarmony Welless Danvers Massachusetts Yoga

What Clients Say...

I’ve worked with Peg for the last 10 years. She began as my strength trainer but became much more. In the time that I’ve known her I’ve faced varying health and wellness issues. All throughout, Peg has been the thread that holds me together. She always shows up, always on time, and always with a smile. Her ability to adapt to my changing needs is amazing. Our sessions vary between yoga, hiking and strength. They always leave me feeling energized, focused and strong. I am so grateful for Peg, her diverse skills, and unlimited willingness to help.

- Julie C.

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